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Copyright © 2015 ProGrips. ProGrips. ProGrips Gym Gloves are taking the world by storm! ProGrips Workout Gloves are made from 100% Genuine Leather and Neoprene, unlike any other workout glove on the market. Whether you are a serious weight lifting pro or a weekend warrior in the gym just getting your workout on ProGrips workout gloves may just give you that extra edge you need! The concept is brilliant in its simplicity really. Anywhere you workout whether it is the gym, bootcamp class, or on you own, your hands are constantly coming in contact with rough unnatural surfaces. This constant friction against your skin can cause rough, dry calluses to form. They do not look very nice, and they feel even worse! Aside from that, an unaided grip can actually affect your workout. Would you jump up to a slick pull up bar if you were unsure of your grip? Of course not. When you know you are not going to lose your grip, you are more likely to workout harder and with more confidence! Traditionally workout gloves were limited to bodybuilders and unfortunately the industry has not changed much. No one wants to walk around the gym weight bulky old training gloves. Aside from the aesthetics, these full hand workout gloves can actually restrict movement. Because there is no room for air to circulate, traditional workout gloves tend to get sweaty and smelly. What is even worse, once they absorb moisture they shrink up and eventually you will just have to toss them! ProGrips gym gloves have a unique design that allow air to circulate so you will avoid sweaty buildup and unflattering smells. What are you waiting for? Your workout is not done, till the ProGrips come off! ProGrips Workout