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Its common knowledge that wrist wraps provide extra support to the wrists. Whether you struggle from immobility of the wrists, nerve impingement, or just general pain in the wrists under weight, having a bit of extra support to keep everything tight and secure can greatly reduce the pressure and pain you feel in your wrists. When wrist wraps are tight they will squeeze the tendons in your wrists causing your hands to stay in a more clenched position, which will increase your grip strength, wraps can also help to keep your wrists in proper alignment, which will help prevent forearm/elbow issues.

Combine those features and benefits with our tried and trusted Pro Grips and you have the Pro Grips PLUS', The gym bag essential if you are lifting heavy.

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  • ProGrips PLUS are perfect for supporting your wrist while snatching, dead lifts, or during squats or for providing confidence where needed.
  • Wrist Wrap/Strap is 3 Inches/7.5 cm Wide and 22 Inches/55 cm Long.
  • They also have a wider velcro closure system than normal wrist wraps/supports. (1" Wide and 3" Long)
  • No Thumb Loop required! No more cutting off the circulation to your thumbs.
  • Excellent quality, and very comfortable.
  • Ideal for providing EXTRA support on your Wrists.
  • Beautiful combination of The ProGrips established Black and Red colors.

  • Every pair of Pro Grips™ has our unique 'MicroTraction' technology applied keeping us ahead of our competitors.

    Other similar looking products to Pro Grips™ will either be made from rubber, which will inevitable rip after a few uses or they are made from untreated leather which slips. This is extremely dangerous and could well cause injury. Make sure your product has the Pro Grips™ logo to ensure they are authentic.

    Stay ahead of the rest & add Pro Grips™ to your workout to see serious results.

    What is 'MicroTraction' technology? This is a process all our products go through. Leather itself is slippy and is useless as a gripping aid however it is extremely robust. When treated with our 'Microtraction' process the leather becomes an instant gripping aid giving you a product that is now robust, durable & functional.

    **Note** To reactivate the grip simply dab water onto the leather palm and rub it in until you feel it start to resist, this is the 'Mictrotraction' procedure taking effect. Once the moisture has disappeared you are good to go!

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    As a sidenote, 'Medium' are fine for 95% of all users. Small are designed for females with very thin fingers & Large are aimed at guys with very large hands.
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