5 Benefits of Resistance Bands

When we think of training in the gym, and of exercise in general for that matter, we often think of heavy weights, machines, and highly sophisticated equipment. Every piece of kit has its place in the gym, yet sometimes it’s the simplest pieces of equipment that can make the biggest impact. Take resistance bands for example. These, along with other fitness essentials such as wrist wraps, gym weightlifting grips, and leather lifting belts, can really add a new dimension to your training and help you to take your workouts to the next level. In today’s article we’re going to be focusing on resistance bands, as we look at how they can benefit your workouts, and you in general. So, grab a clean shaker cup, mix up a fresh protein shake, and let’s look at just 4 of the many benefits of resistance bands.

Resistance bands in a nutshell

When people think of gym accessories, they think of knee wraps, leather lifting belts, weightlifting grips, and so on. One accessory that’s often overlooked is the humble resistance band. Resistance bands, in a nutshell, are specially designed bands which enable people to perform resistance-based strength training exercises without weights or machines. The bands come in varying levels of resistance, and can be used by themselves, or incorporated into various workouts.

Resistance band benefits

Now it’s time for us to list some of the main benefits of resistance bands during exercise:

Inexpensive – One of the best things about resistance bands is their price. These bands are extremely cheap to purchase, and are certainly much, much cheaper than a set of dumbbells or heavy weights.

Portable and practical – Another benefit is the fact that these bands are portable and practical. They can easily be stored in gym bags and even in pockets, they weigh virtually nothing, and they can be used virtually anywhere. If you’re out of town on business but still want to workout in your hotel room, packing a set of dumbbells wouldn’t be practical. Bringing a few pairs of resistance bands, however, would be fine. You could basically use the bands in your hotel room and get all the benefits that you would expect from a set of dumbbells or a barbell.

Perform your favourite exercises – Resistance bands are great because, with a little research and knowhow, you can use them to perform variations of all of your favourite exercises. If for example, you stand on the band and grasp both ends in either hand, you can then curl the band and mimic a barbell bicep curl. You can perform shoulder presses with them, front squats, upright rows, triceps extensions, bent over rows, and much more besides.

Varying levels of resistance – Some people are put off from resistance bands because they worry they’re too easy. While the lighter bands are indeed designed to be very easy to utilize, you can purchase bands which offer varying levels of resistance. The bands come in different sizes and thicknesses, and you yourself can adjust the resistance by simply adjusting the slack. Whether you want light, medium, or heavy resistance, these bands do indeed have you covered.

Tone and Strengthen – The bands Stretch and help create tension in your muscles causing them to contrast. The resistance varies depending on the strength of the band and stretching being completed. Using the resistance band in different way helps vary the tension and resistance which in turn help tone and strengthen muscles.

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